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Главная страница » 2017 » Июль » 1 » Луиджи НОНО – опера «В ярком солнечном свете, тяжёлом от любви» (1977) – солисты, хор и орк. Штуттгартской оперы, Л. ЗАГРОСЕК (1999)
Луиджи НОНО – опера «В ярком солнечном свете, тяжёлом от любви» (1977) – солисты, хор и орк. Штуттгартской оперы, Л. ЗАГРОСЕК (1999)

Теги: Загросек, авангард, Опера, Ноно

FLAC (tracks) | Covers | 2 CD’s | 359 MB

Nono - Al gran sole carico d'amore [1977 opera] – Lothar Zagrosek  (Recorded in 1999)

Луиджи НОНО (1924 – 1990)
Al gran sole carico d'amore
azione scenica in 2 parts

опера ("сценическое действие") в 2 частях
Редакция 1977 г.

Игра свободы, в рабство облаченной,
Обман войны несуществующих страстей
Душе невнятны, явью ослеплённой,
Забывшей путь "прохожих" и "гостей".

Чем ярче свет, тем тьма черней пребудет,
За каждой радостью - страдание спешит;
Жар милосердия насилье вечно будит,
И разум Целое безжалостно разит!

Вместо либретто - комментарии, главным образом, на события Парижской коммуны и Русской революции 1905 г. в виде отрывков из текстов Ленина, Маркса, Брехта, Димитрова, Кастро, Че Гевары и др. Основными персонажами являются женщины-современницы тех событий, погибшие, пытаясь остановить насилие их времени.

1-1     Come Preludio     6:32
    I Tempo "Nous Reviendrons Foule Sans Nombre"
1-2     Scena I     3:23
1-3     Scena II     6:50
1-4     Scena III     6:57
1-5     Scena IV     2:11
1-6     Scena V     3:51
1-7     Scena VI     8:34
1-8     Scena VII     0:27
1-9     Scena VIII     0:24
1-10     Scena IX     7:12
1-11     Finale         3:02

    II Tempo "La Notte È Lunga Ma Già Spunta L'Alba"
2-1     Scena I     6:34
2-2     Scena II     4:10
2-3     Scena III     9:25
2-4     Scena IV     8:30
2-5     Scena V     8:00
2-6     Scena VI     4:50
2-7     Scena VII     1:33
2-8     Finale         2:17

Soprano Vocals [Haydée Santamaria] – Stella Kleindienst
Soprano Vocals [Soprano Solo] – Claudia Barainsky
Soprano Vocals [Tania / Louise Michel / Deola / Donne Vietnamite] – Claudia Barainsky, Maraile Lichdi, Melinda Liebermann, Stella Kleindienst
Tenor Vocals [Soldato] – Urs Winter
Tenor Vocals [Thiers / Direttore] – Roderick Keating
Tenor Vocals [Ufficiale / Delatore] – Helmut Holzapfel
Alto Vocals [La Madre / Contralto Solo] – Lani Poulson
Baritone Vocals [Baritono Solo / Operaio / Fidel / Gramsci / Dimitrov] – Peter Kajlinger
Bass Vocals [Basso Solo / Communardo / Operaio / Fidel / Dimitrov] – Mark Munkittrick
Bass Vocals [Basso Solo / Favre / Operaio / Fidel / Dimitrov] – Carsten Wittmoser
Bass Vocals [Pavel / Bismarck] – Markus Marquardt

Staatsopernchor Stuttgart
Chorus Master – Ulrich Eistert
Staatsorchester Stuttgart
Conductor – Lothar Zagrosek

Recorded at Staatstheater Stuttgart, June/July 1999


Al Gran Sole Carico d'Amore (In the Bright Sunshine Heavy with Love) was commissioned by La Scala. From the start Nono envisaged it as a collaboration with the Russian director Yuri Liubimov, who helped the composer put together the libretto, and as a stage work that would abandon all notions of narrative theatre. This collective celebration of two of the great unsuccessful revolutionary moments in recent history, the Paris Commune of 1871 and the Russian Revolution of 1905, has no individually identified protagonists, and instead of a single narrative thread there is an interwoven bundle of fragmentary stories. Nono constructed a work in which the chorus plays the leading role, but which also requires a vast array of soloists, pre-recorded electronics and a full orchestra.

Part One of the work concentrates upon Paris, Part Two on Russia; the events of both ferociously suppressed uprisings are depicted through patchworks of quotations from writers, eye-witnesses and political theorists, and there are sideways references to other great failed revolutions. Scenes are short and intercut, like a series of snapshot images.

Al Gran Sole is the grandest, most ambitious of all Nono's works. Though later in his life the composer referred to it rather disparagingly as an "elephant" (and soon afterwards he shifted the emphasis of his music towards a more introspective and contemplative style), the score is full of wonderfully stirring and potently dramatic images - massive choral eruptions haloed in electronic sounds, soaring, Italianate soprano solos, darkly threatening upwellings of close-packed strings, impassioned passages of texts declaimed over challenging volleys of brass. And where in the other major works of his explicitly political period Nono stuck tenaciously to his highly wrought serial language, here he also incorporates material from three political songs, the International (which was written during the Commune) and two Russian revolutionary anthems, delivered in Italian translation.

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с google-translate я читаю на всём, но только бесплатно :-)

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