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Главная страница » 2014 » Декабрь » 5 » Иоганн Кристиан Бах (1735-1782) - 6 Концертов для арфы - Jana Boušková
Иоганн Кристиан Бах (1735-1782) - 6 Концертов для арфы - Jana Boušková

Теги: арфа, Бах И. Х., Bouskova, HARP, Бах И.К., концерт, Bach J.C., Concert

К сожалению на русском языке информации об исполнительнице не нашел, привожу английский текст.

Jana Bouskova has to her credit some truly remarkable artistic triumphs, a record which has turned her to a much sought-after harpist and a regular guest of the world´s foremost concert platforms, appearing both as a soloist and as the partner of the likes of Mstislav Rostropovich, Yuri Bashmet, Patrick Gallois, Maxim Vengerov,  Janne Thomsen, Sharon Kam, Christian Tetzlaff,  Gustav Rivinius, and others.

     Jana Bouskova studied at the Prague Conservatoire and then pursued her schooling at the Ostrava University, in the class of Professor Libuse Vachalova. A Fulbright scholarship grant then enabled her to study at America´s renowned Indiana University, with Professor Susann McDonald. Jana Bouskova is this country´s sole harpist to have achieved the highest awards from the world´s most prestigious competitions: gold medal from the International Harp Competition in the U.S.A., and second prize from the International Harp Contest in Israel. Her numerous other awards include victory in the Concours International de Musique de Chambre in Paris, which she won in 1989, in a duet with flautist Janne Thomsen. She is also the winner of first prize from the 1999 edition of the Torneo Internazionale di Musica in Italy. Her exceptional concert platform achievement and contribution to the development of harp playing earned her the 1999 Harpa Award in Switzerland, apart from which she became a laureate of the Juventus Festival in France. In this country, she received the 1996 Talent of the Year award, and in 2002, the Czech Music Council Award for her merits in spreading Czech music and representing Czech interpreting art on the international scene. As one of the Czech Republic´s ten most distinguished women, she was the first ever classical music instrumental interpreter to receive the Lady Pro prize, which was handed over to her in the presence of the President of the Republic, Vaclav Klaus, in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle, in the autumn of 2004.

Miss Bouskova appears regularly on prestigious domestic and international concert platforms and festivals. Doubtless her most notable achivements have included solo recitals at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center (New York), Paris´ Châtelet, the Prague Spring Festival and the Berliner Festtage, as well as her appearance in the gala concert marking the 50th birthday of Yuri Bashmet in Moscow; plus a major tour of Israel and Europe jointly with the violinist Maxim Vengerov; work in the field of chamber music with many outstanding artists at the Spannungen Festival in Germany, Parry Sound in Ontario, Festival des Lautéats Juventus Cambrai and Elba Isola Musicale d´Europa; joint performance with flautists Emmanuel Pahude and Mathieu Defour, and harpist Marie-Pierre Langlamet at the Théâtre de la Ville; and major German tours with the flautist Patrick Gallois. As an orchestra soloist (with, among others, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Philharmonia, Chicago Sinfonietta, Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, MDR Symphonieorchester Leipzig, or Tokyo Chamber Orchestra), she has appeared in the concert halls of the Berlin and Cologne Philharmonic Orchestras, Tokyo´s Suntory Hall, Leipzig´s Gewandhaus, Chicago´s Symphony Center, Amsterdam´s Concertgebouw, Prague´s Rudolfinum, and many others.

   Jana Bouskova receives regular invitations to take part in international harp congresses and symposia, and to teach at numerous master classes in various parts of the world. In 2004 she sat on the jury of the International Harp Competition in the U.S.A., Lily Laskine Harp Competition in France, and International Harp Contest in Israel in 2006. In 1999 she was artistic director of the Seventh World Harp Congress in Prague. Since 2000 she has been a member of the Artistic Board of the Prague Academy of Music. In 2002 she received an invitation to take up a two-month lecturing assignment at Indiana University in the United States, and since 2005 she has held the post of principal harpist with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Since 1993 she has been a professor of the Prague Conservatoire , in October 2005 she was appointed as the harp professor at the Brussels Royal Conservatory and in October 2006 also as the professor at the Academy of Music in Prague

   Jana Bouskova has to her credit over twenty CDs made for Czech and international labels, apart from which she has made programmes for various radio and television companies. Her extensive repertoire encompasses works of all styles and periods; a number of contemporary composers have dedicated their new works to her. Her list of world premieres includes among other titles the Sonata for Cello and Harp from Ravi Shankar, which she performed at the Rencontres Musicales d´Evian, in France, jointly with Mstislav Rostropovich; Concerto for Flute, Violin, Viola, Harp and Orchestra from Benjamin Yusupov, with the violinist Maxim Vengerov and others; and Concerto for two Harps from Jan F. Fischer, with Isabelle Moretti, first performed at the Seventh World Harp Festival in Prague, 1999.      

   Miss Bouskova performs on a harp built by the American firm, Lyon & Healy, which she acquired for her victory in the U.S.A. International Harp Competition in 1992.

2nd USA International Harp Competition - 1992

Gold Medalist - Jana Boušková (Czech Republic) 1992

Jana Boušková is Professor of Harp at the Prague Conservatory and Principal Harp with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. She is an international concert artist and has recorded over twelve CD's for the harp. A winner of numerous awards, Ms. Boušková has been invited to take part in many World Harp Congresses and international festivals such as: Prague Spring, Festival of the Sound in Ontario, and Soka International Harp Festival in Japan. She has performed extensively in Europe and the United States and has been a soloist with many of the leading orchestras in the world, including the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. She was also the head of the artistic committee for the Eighth World Harp Congress held in Prague in July 1999.

Johann Christian Bach (1735 - 1782)

Six Concertos for Harp and String Trio opus 1 (~1760)

1.   Concerto op 1.n 1 (W C49) for Harp and Strings in B-Dur - Allegretto
2.   Concerto op 1.n 1 (W C49) for Harp and Strings in B-Dur - Minuetto
3.   Concerto op 1.n 2 (W C50) for Harp and Strings in A-Dur - Andante
4.   Concerto op 1.n 2 (W C50) for Harp and Strings in A-Dur - Minuetto
5.   Concerto op 1.n 3 (W C51) for Harp and Strings in F-Dur - Allegretto
6.   Concerto op 1.n 3 (W C51) for Harp and Strings in F-Dur - Minuetto
7.   Concerto op 1.n 4 (W C52) for Harp and Strings in G-Dur - Allegro Assai
8.   Concerto op 1.n 4 (W C52) for Harp and Strings in G-Dur - Andante Legati
9.   Concerto op 1.n 4 (W C52) for Harp and Strings in G-Dur - Presto
10. Concerto op 1.n 5 (W C53) for Harp and Strings in C-Dur - Allegro Vivace
11. Concerto op 1.n 5 (W C53) for Harp and Strings in C-Dur - Allegretto
12. Concerto op 1.n 6 (W C54) for Harp and Strings in G-Dur - Allegro assai
13. Concerto op 1.n 6 (W C54) for Harp and Strings in G-Dur - Andante
14. Concerto op 1.n 6 (W C54) for Harp and Strings in G-Dur - Allegro Moderato

потрековый FLAC + Covers

год записи - 1995

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1. alex sidmak (sidmak)   (20 Июня 12 18:29) [Материал]
Для тех, кто ссылку не нашёл,
Пожал плечами и ушёл,
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2. Иван (ivk1978)   (20 Июня 12 23:47) [Материал]
Спасибо! appl appl appl

3. Александр (Trompete)   (21 Июня 12 19:56) [Материал]
Ради точности: это видимо чьи-то аранжировки 6 клавирных концертов И.К. Баха Op.1 (W C 49-54).

4. Дмитрий (DemetriusZ)   (21 Июня 12 23:57) [Материал]
Привожу цитату с заглавного листа нотного издания:
"Concerto Op. 1 for Harpsichord or Harp, 2 Violins and Violoncello"
т.е. исполнение на арфе - не транскрипция клавирного варианта.

5. (FANART)   (19 Мая 13 10:25) [Материал]
Прелестно! Спасибо! appl appl appl

6. Алексей Пилсудский (poretskyalex)   (07 Декабря 14 17:53) [Материал]
кончайте с FLACk баламутить. есть прекрасный формат мп3 и все.

7. Taras V. (little_listener)   (07 Декабря 14 20:51) [Материал]
Выкладывайте в мп3. Никто Вам не запрещает.

8. Oleg (bassstudy)   (17 Марта 17 03:05) [Материал]
FLAC передаёт звук более точно, хотя до ленты или виниловой пластинки и ему далеко.
MP3, простите, это вариант разве что для хранения музыки, но никак не для прослушивания. Он таковым и разрабатывался, кстати.

10. Taras V. (little_listener)   (21 Марта 17 14:26) [Материал]
Хм. А у меня всё наоборот) Слушаю, как правило, в мп3, а хранить предпочитаю во флаке.

9. Oleg (bassstudy)   (17 Марта 17 03:05) [Материал]
Изумительно!!! Премного благодарю!

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