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В.А. Моцарт, все концерты для ф-но с оркестром, Альфред Брендель, Невиль Марринер, CD 6-12 (ape) [аудио]
Джироламо Фрескобальди и Луи Куперен, пьесы для клавесина, Густав Леонхардт (flac) [аудио]
Брамс, Йо-Йо Ма, сонаты для виолончели и фортепиано, Йо-Йо Ма, Эммануэль Акс (ape) [аудио]
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Приветствуем Вас, Гость.
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Главная страница » 2010 » Март » 25 » А.Дворжак - Симфонии №№1-9 (Берлинская Госкапелла, О.Зуитнер)
А.Дворжак - Симфонии №№1-9 (Берлинская Госкапелла, О.Зуитнер)

Добыто на просторах Интернета. Так как скачать и перевыложить у меня возможности нет и не будет долго, а записи Зуитнера относительно редкие, то привожу исходные рапидшарные ссылки.

Finally reissued as a boxed set, albeit stripped of the shorter orchestral works that came attached to a couple of the symphonies, Otmar Suitner's Dvorák unquestionably ranks with the very best, right up there with
Kertesz, Kubelik, and Rowicki. He secures absolutely gorgeous playing
from the Staatskapelle Berlin, with glowing string textures and a truly
Czech character from the woodwinds, and all of the performances are
beautifully recorded, save for an annoying creaking chair in the
scherzo of the Fourth Symphony. There isn't a weak link here, though
like most conductors, Suitner makes some cuts in the First Symphony.
Highlights include a stunning third movement of the Second Symphony, a
glorious funeral march from the Third, a rousing finale of the Fifth, a
simply gorgeous account of the Sixth from first note to last, a fiery
and passionate Seventh, and a final pair full of individual touches (in
the Eighth especially) that you won't find anywhere else. Make no
mistake, this set represents a major achievement by a seriously
underrated conductor--not a showman, perhaps, but a fine musician with
good ideas and the means to realize them. Don't miss it this time
-David Hurwitz, ClassicsToday.com

Recorded by VEB Deutsche Schallplatten in East Germany between 1979 and 1983, and only
fitfully available in the U.S., Austrian conductor Otmar Suitner's
Dvorak cycle would deserve a hearing even at full price. Reissued in a
specially-priced box, however, it is an irresistible opportunity to
hear deeply felt, virtuosic and often illuminating performances whose
main competition comes from much more expensive and only marginally
superior sets by Witold Rowicki and Istvan Kertesz.

Born in 1922, Suitner was a pupil of Clemens Krauss at the Mozarteum in
Salzburg, and began his career during WW II. He eventually became music
director of the Dresden State Opera and Staatskapelle in 1960, and
enjoyed a successful touring career. He was particularly popular in
Japan where his Dvorak set, luxuriously packaged, became a best seller.

Hisconducting is elegant and gently lyrical, with long-limbed phrasing and
understated rhetoric. As most Dvorak performances are, his are lacking
a bit in what I always imagine to be Czech "personality," but then
Dvorak was a devoted disciple of Brahms, and anyway there are very few
performances, even by the great Czech conductors like Talich and Ancerl
which I find to be recognizably idiomatic in a Czech way. The
Staatskapelle, which bills itself as "Berlin's oldest orchestra" (it
dates its founding in 1570!), is superb, with wonderful light and
fluent woodwinds and silky strings.

The warm and powerful sound
lacks the kind of detail we have come think of as audiophile, but is
totally suited to Suitner's music making. Dirk Stöve's liner notes are
brief but enthusiastic.
- Laurence Vittes


PW: +Suitn@r+

Ссылки на мэйл.ру. Спасибо уважаемому
Александр КАМ (kam3108)


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1. Денис (denis_kutalyov)   (14 Март 10 12:39)
Да, это и впрямь редкость! Что ж, будем пробовать скачать :)

2. Валентин (valuy7780)   (14 Март 10 18:48)
Какая жалость, что такое фундаментальное издание только на рапидшаре, - это же надо несколько дней подряд качать...

3. parapan allegro (parapan)   (19 Март 10 08:48)
Спасибо большое!
dance dance dance
yahoo yahoo yahoo

4. Никитас Кожемякис (Largamente)   (20 Март 10 02:45)

5. Александр КАМ (kam3108)   (25 Март 10 09:21)
Первые 10 файлов содержащие CD 1,2,3

6. Александр КАМ (kam3108)   (25 Март 10 16:02)
Скачать оставшиеся 7 файлов

7. (climber)   (25 Март 10 21:42)

8. Savelych (Savelych)   (27 Март 10 22:46)

9. alexandr (camakas)   (28 Март 10 03:51)
Всем спасибо!!! Теперь буду слушать... :)

10. Сергей (nibelung)   (08 Май 10 20:34)

11. Fatum (Fatum)   (28 Сентябрь 10 00:14)

12. xephyrus xephyrus (xephyrus)   (11 Декабрь 10 20:56)
file DVRK-SMPHNS-STNR.part01.rar keeps timing out at 45 mb into the download, can you rehost this please? Thanks, and great release by the way. :D

13. (pehrtmn)   (02 Август 15 18:52)
please repost

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