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Главная страница » 2021 » Август » 21 » Джан Джакомо Гуэльфи (баритон) – Арии и дуэты из опер – Зап. 1954 - 1968 гг.
Джан Джакомо Гуэльфи (баритон) – Арии и дуэты из опер – Зап. 1954 - 1968 гг.

Теги: Gian Giacomo Guelfi, Джан Джакомо Гуэльфи

Gian Giacomo Guelfi (1924-2012; Italian operatic baritone)
Opera arias and duets

Gioacchino ROSSINI (1792-1868)
  Guillaume Tell: Resta immobile!  (01)
  Orchestra del Teatro di San Carlo di Napoli, Fernando Previtali
  Rec. 1965
Giuseppe VERDI (1813-1901)
  Nabucco: Dio di Giuda!  (02)
  Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala, Gianandrea Gavazzeni 
  Rec. 1966
  I due Foscari: Questa è dunque l‘iniqua mercede  (03)
  Orchestra del Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, Tulio Serafin
  Rec. 1957
   - Uldino, a me dinanzi  (04)
   - Tardo per gli anni, e tremulo  (05)
   - Ma se fraterno vincolo  (06)
   - Vanitosi!... Che abbietti e dormenti  (07)
  with Boris Christoff (bass)
  Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Bruno Bartoletti 
  Rec. 1962
   - Perfidi! All‘anglo contro me v‘unite!  (08)
   - Pietà, rispetto, amore  (09)
  Orchestra del Teatro la Fenice di Venezia, Gianandrea Gavazzeni
  Rec. 1968
  Luisa Miller:
   - Sacra la scelta è d‘un consorte  (10)
   - Andrem, raminghi e poveri  (11)
  with Elena Suliotis (soprano)
  Orchestra del Teatro Verdi di Trieste, Franco Capuana
  Rec. 1965
  I vespri siciliani: Qual è il tuo nome?  (12)
  with Mario Filippeschi (tenor)
  Orchestra del Teatro di San Carlo di Napoli, Tulio Serafin
  Rec. 1955
  La forza del destino: Invano Alvato ti celasti al mondo  (13)
  with Franco Corelli (tenor)
  Orchestra Sinfonica di Torino della RAI, Arturo Basile
  Rec. 1956
   - Cielo! mio padre!  (14)
   - Rivedrai le foreste imbalsamate  (15)
   - Su, dunque! sorgete, Egizie coorti  (16)
  with Anita Cerquetti (soprano)
  Orchestra del Teatro di San Carlo di Napoli, Gabriele Santini
  Rec. 1954
  Otello: Credo in un Dio crudel  (17)
  (rec. details unknown)
Amilcare PONCHIELLI (1834-1886)
  La gioconda: O monumento!  (18)
  Orchestra of the Chicago Lyric Opera, Nino Sanzogno
  Rec. 1966
Umberto GIORDANO (1867-1948)
  Andrea Chénier: Nemico della patria?  (19)
  NHK Symphony Orchestra, Franco Capuana
  Rec. 1961
Giacomo PUCCINI (1858-1924)
  Tosca: Tre sbirri... Una carrozza...   (20)
  Orchestra della RAI Torino, Arturo Basile
  Rec. 1955
  La fanciulla del West: Minnie, dalla mia casa son partito  (21)
  Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Firenze, Dimitri Mitropoulos
  Rec. 1954

Rec. live 1954 – 1968 (La forza del destino: studio, 1956)

Продолжительность – 01:18:40

  О диске (на англ. языке):
Guelfi (1924-2012) was an under-recorded phenomenon, a baritone somewhat overshadowed by Ettore Bastianini until the latter’s premature death in 1967. He had a huge voice but was capable of singing with surprising delicacy, as you may hear from his beautiful half-voiced singing – properly done, without constricting his throat – in the excerpt from Luisa Miller track 11.
He is partnered here with some of the starriest names in the operatic firmament of the 50’s and 60’s in some juicy excerpts showcasing the volume and security of his baritone. The size of his voice meant that he would never be accused of undue subtlety; in that regard he is the baritone equivalent of Mario Del Monaco, who thrilled audiences but attracted the disdain of some critics with his heft, amplitude and resonance. He does little in the way of differentiation between the characters he portrays – one can sound disconcertingly like another, but the sound is still glorious. This was still an age of huge voices, as we can hear from the contributions of Filippeschi, Corelli and Cerquetti – and even though the precocious Suliotis tamps down her naturally big soprano to suggest Luisa’s vulnerability, you can hear that hers is fundamentally a large voice being temporarily tamed. Filippeschi is thrilling, ending on a ringing B flat rising to a top D.
The best sound here comes in track 13 with Corelli, when they sing the famous confrontational duet from La forza del destino, as that is the only studio recording here, part of excerpts from the opera made for Cetra in 1956. Otherwise, the sound is slightly distorted mono – perfectly listenable but hardly ear-balm. This account of the duet was made before Corelli’s stage debut in the role of Alvaro with Bastianini in 1958 and rivals that which we hear in the complete live recording of that Naples performance.
One oddity and a moment from history is preserved in the Aida excerpts from another live Naples performance in 1954. Guelfi and Cerquetti are enthusiastically applauded after the duet, where Guelfi massively prolongs the phrase on "Dei Faraoni tu sei la schiava!" and it is apparent that the audience wants them to encore the entire scene, but the conductor Gabriele Santini refuses, resulting in the cheering turning to booing.
Obviously the bulk of the music here is from Guelfi’s forte, Verdi, but the arias from four other composer’s operas demonstrate his breadth and versatility. They are equally satisfying; Guelfi was born to sing villainous or conflicted characters like Barnaba, Gérard, Scarpia and Rance and is never afraid to underline their villainy by deploying his bronze voice to the maximum – and clearly his audiences loved it. Perhaps you will, too – I do.
Ralph Moore

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