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Главная страница » 2018 » Август » 31 » Mark Everist, Thomas Forrest Kelly (eds.) - The Cambridge History of Medieval Music. 2 vols
Mark Everist, Thomas Forrest Kelly (eds.) - The Cambridge History of Medieval Music. 2 vols

Теги: Кембридж, Thomas Forrest Kelly, Средневековье, средневековая музыка, Mark Everist, Cambridge University Press

Кембриджска история средневековой музыки.
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Год: 2017
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 1295
Размер: 69.6 Мб
Язык: English

Spanning a millennium of musical history, this monumental volume brings together nearly forty leading authorities to survey the music of Western Europe in the Middle Ages. All of the major aspects of medieval music are considered, making use of the latest research and thinking to discuss everything from the earliest genres of chant, through the music of the liturgy, to the riches of the vernacular song of the trouv?res and troubadours. Alongside this account of the core repertory of monophony, The Cambridge History of Medieval Music tells the story of the birth of polyphonic music, and studies the genres of organum, conductus, motet and polyphonic song. Key composers of the period are introduced, such as Leoninus, Perotinus, Adam de la Halle, Philippe de Vitry and Guillaume de Machaut, and other chapters examine topics ranging from musical theory and performance to institutions, culture and collections.

Contents pp v-viii
Figures pp ix-xiii
Music Examples pp xiv-xxi
Tables pp xxii-xxii
Notes on Contributors pp xxiii-xxxi
Acknowledgements pp xxxii-xxxii
Manuscript Sigla pp xxxiii-xliv
Abbreviations pp xlv-xlvi
Volume I pp 1-626
Introduction and Context pp 1-14
1 - Musical Legacies from the Ancient World pp 15-68
By Peter Jeffery
2 - Origins and Transmission of Franco-Roman Chant pp 69-91
By Andreas Pfisterer
3 - Sources of Romano-Frankish Liturgy and Music pp 92-122
By Joseph Dyer
4 - Regional Liturgies: Spanish, Beneventan, Gallican, Milanese pp 123

By Terence Bailey
5 - Nova Cantica pp 147-175
By Jeremy Llewellyn
6 - Music and Prosopography pp 176-209
By Margot Fassler
7 - The Silence of Medieval Singers pp 210-235
By Katarina Livljanic, Benjamin Bagby
8 - Notation I pp 236-262
By Thomas Forrest Kelly
9 - Tropes pp 263-299
By Andreas Haug
10 - Sequence pp 300-356
By Lori Kruckenberg
11 - Music Theory pp 357-381
By Thomas Christensen
12 - Vernacular Song I: Lyric pp 382-427
By Elizabeth Aubrey
13 - Vernacular Song II: Romance pp 428-450
By Anne Ibos-Aug?
14 - Instruments and Their Music pp 451-474
By Nigel Wilkins
15 - Teaching and Learning Music pp 475-499
By Anna Maria Busse Berger
16 - Music in Drama pp 500-526
By David Klausner
17 - The Sources pp 527-560
By Stanley Boorman
18 - The Revival of Medieval Music pp 561-581
By John Haines
19 - Medieval Performance Practice pp 582-608
By Timothy J. McGee
20 - Issues in the Modern Performance of Medieval Music pp 609-626
By John Potter
Volume II pp 627-1200
21 - Institutions and Foundations pp 627-673
By Alejandro Enrique Planchart
22 - Notation II pp 674-717
By Lawrence Earp
23 - Rhythm and Meter pp 718-746
By John Caldwell
24 - Tonal Organization in Polyphony, 1150–1400 pp 747-773
By Peter M. Lefferts
25 - Liturgy and Plainchant, 1150–1570 pp 774-800
By Roman Hankeln
26 - Early Polyphony pp 801-833
By James Grier
27 - Notre Dame pp 834-880
By Edward H. Roesner
28 - Liturgical Polyphony after 1300 pp 881-906
By Karl K?gle
29 - The Emergence of Polyphonic Song pp 907-936
By Mark Everist
30 - Vernacular Song III: Polyphony pp 937-973
By Elizabeth Eva Leach
31 - The Thirteenth-Century Motet pp 974-999
By Rebecca A. Baltzer
32 - The Fourteenth-Century Motet pp 1000-1019
By Alice Clark
33 - Latin Song I: Songs and Songbooks from the Ninth to the Thirteenth 

Century pp 1020-1047
By Helen Deeming
34 - Latin Song II: The Music and Texts of the Conductus pp 1048-1078
By Thomas Payne
35 - Trecento I: Secular Music pp 1079-1099
By Michael Scott Cuthbert
36 - Trecento II: Sacred Music and Motets in Italy and the East from 

1300 until the End of the Schism pp 1100-1124
By Michael Scott Cuthbert
37 - Ars subtilior pp 1125-1146
By Anne Stone
38 - Citational Practice in the Later Middle Ages pp 1147-1176
By Yolanda Plumley
39 - "Medieval Music” or "Early European Music”? pp 1177-1200
By Reinhard Strohm
Index pp 1201-1248

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