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Главная страница » 2013 » Сентябрь » 27 » Лотта Веннакоски (р. 1970) • Culla d’aria • Камерный оркестр 'Аванти'
Лотта Веннакоски (р. 1970) • Culla d’aria • Камерный оркестр 'Аванти'

Теги: Chamber, Веннакоски, avanti, Wennakoski

Lotta Wennäkoski (b. 1970) • Culla d’aria • Avanti Chamber Orchestra

• Nosztalgiaim ..... woodwind quintet, string quintet, tr, trb
• Sade avaa ........ solo bass clarinet + chamber orchestra: flute, cor anglais, bassoon, horn, percussion (1 player), violin, viola, cello, double bass
• Culla d'aria ....... string quartet
• Naisen rakkautta ja elamaa, song cycle for three female voices and ensemble ........ 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, flute (doubling alto flute in G), clarinet (doubling bass clarinet), percussion (1 player), piano, violin, cello, double bass

Heikki Nikula, bass clarinet
Mikko Ivars, cello
Anna-Leena Haikola, violin
Emma Vahala, violin
Tuula Riisalo, viola
Riikka Rantanen, mezzo-soprano
Eija Raisanen, soprano
Tanja Kauppinen-Savijoki, soprano
Avanti Chamber Orchestra members
Tuomas Hannikainen, Dmitri Slobodeniouk, Pietari Inkinen

01 Nosztalgiaim (2006-2007) 12:12
02 Sade avaa (Rain opens) (1998-1999) 15:41
Heikki Nikula, bass clarinet; Avanti!, Tuomas Hannikainen

03 Culla d’aria, for string quartet (2004)  9:30
Anna-Leena Haikola, violin; Emma Vähälä, violin; Mikko Ivars, cello; Tuula Riisalo, viola
Avanti members, Dmitri Slobodeniouk

Naisen rakkautta ja elamaa (Love and Life of a Woman) (2003):
04 A typical morning  4:24
05 Between them the moon 3:46
06 You are near me at all times 1:41
07 I waited with bated breath  2:15
08 Never make friends  0:31
09 Exactly, confined to ticking 2:35
10 Morning after morning  3:39
11 The ovum is silent  2:09
12 My basic instinct runs right up from my toes 0:51
13 Boogie mama 4:29
14 There is nevertheless a place on the map 4:16
15 I’m sorry I haven’t replied before 2:54
Eija Räisänen, soprano; Tanja Kauppinen-Savijoki, soprano; Riikka Rantanen, mezzo-soprano
Avanti members, Pietari Inkinen

Total Time: 71:16

In an article for the Finnish Music Information Center, Lotta Wennäkoski (born 1970) writes, "I've always been fascinated by the scarcely audible...so that in trying to establish a sound of my very own, I've had the feeling I'll find it on the borders of silence." The statement is apt; many of the chamber and vocal pieces represented here are characterized by exceptionally sparse textures and sounds that are barely audible. Culla d'aria (Cradle of Air), for string quartet, consists of wispy ethereal gestures, with silence given a key role. Sade avaa (Rain opens), for bass clarinet and chamber ensemble, achieves a similar effect, using extended instrumental techniques calculated to produce the most delicate sounds and textures. Nosztalgiaim, despite a title that implies a wistful sadness, is actually the most active work here. Using several Hungarian folk songs as its basis, it's playful and whimsical, but in a very quiet and dynamically subdued manner. Wennäkoski's song cycle, Naisen rakkautta ja elämää (Love and Life of a Woman), which references Schumann's Frauenliebe und -leben thematically but not musically, is a more dynamically robust work, due to the nature of bel canto singing, which calls attention to itself and is not noted for tiny, pointillist vocal production. The cycle, which uses three women's voices and chamber ensemble, is more conventionally in the tradition of contemporary atonal art song. Finnish ensemble Avanti! and various soloists negotiate Wennäkoski's demands with precision and careful attention to the atmospheric quality of her work. Alba's sound is present and clear so that the smallest details of orchestration are easily audible.

~Stephen Eddins

Lotta Wennäkoski (born 1970 in Helsinki, Finland) studied first violin, music theory and Hungarian folk music in the Béla Bartók Conservatory in Budapest. She then studied music theory and composition at the Sibelius Academy and got her diploma in 2000. Her main composition teachers have been Eero Hämeenniemi, Kaija Saariaho and Paavo Heininen. 1998-99 Wennäkoski studied in the Netherlands with Louis Andriessen.

Wennäkoski's debut concert took place in Musica Nova Helsinki festival in 1999. Her orchestral piece Sakara was commissioned by Esa-Pekka Salonen, who also conducted the premier with Helsinki Philharmonia in 2003. Lotta Wennäkoski!s stage work N! (Woman's love and life) was premiered in Helsinki Festival also in 2003, and was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize the next year. More recent performances of Wennäkoski!s works include the premier of the flute concerto Soie by Petri Alanko and the Finnish RSO in 2009  - chosen to the list of recommended works at the international rostrum of composers in 2012 - and the mini opera Lelele at the Musica Nova Helsinki 2011, performed by soprano Pia Freund and Plus Ensemble. The monodrama has later been performed in Maerzmusik (Berlin), Warsaw Autumn and Huddersfield festivals.

Lotta Wennäkoski was the artistic co-ordinator of Tampere Biennale festival 2008-2010. A CD of her chamber music, Culla d'aria, was published 2008 by Alba Records.  She was the composer-in-residence of Tapiola Sinfonietta during the season 2010-11. The orchestra then performed several of Wennäkoski's works and commissioned the song cycle Le miroir courbe, which was premiered in May 2011. In March 2012 Wennäkoski was one of the featured composers at the 17th Other Minds Festival in San Francisco.

In October 2012, the Finnish RSO and Dima Slobodeniouk premiered the 86-minute long Amor omnia - live music for silent film (Amor omnia, Finland 1922). The latest orcestral piece, Jong, brings a very special soloist in front of the chamber orchestra - a juggler. The premier was played by the Lapland Chamber Orchestra in May 2013.

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